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Welcome is a cradle for online quality education of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and many other Islamic courses. We facilitate anyone to learn to read the Glorious Quran with correct Arabic accent (Tajweed) in one-on-one live Quran lessons from highly qualified Male/Female Quran tutors at convenience of their home and time. It’s a great privilege for us in serving globally a hundreds of students with integrity, trustworthiness and excellence.

Our pattern of delivering lessons has been fabricating an incredible results that most of our students and their parents recommending us to others. Through level evaluation, monthly quizzes and performance assessment feedback, we have everything in a tested and verified educational package. Our interactive classes make it very simple for students to practice even after or before the lesson time.

We are an independent, non-partisan teaching institute and do not belong to or a part of or get funding from any government, religious organization, group or mosque. Our key aim is to enable the kids, adults and new Muslims to learn Quran with Tajweed at lowest possible cost.

We encourage everyone to avail our three days free trial offer to assess our professionalism. Our aspiration is to make our children good practicing Muslims.


It's a great opportunity for every Muslim to learn holy Quran at his/her convenience time while staying at home. You may find other Quran tutoring websites on internet but the most important thing associates with us is reliability, credibility, flexibility and affordability which is hardly available with others. Everyone is eligible to try our 3 Free Trial lessons to check our proficiency in this field.

We are one of the largest online Quran learning institutes having immense experience of teaching Quran online and having a lot of pleased students throughout the World. We primarily focus on Muslims who face a lot of difficulty in learning how to read the Holy Quran especially for their kids. Mostly issues arise in searching a well-trained Quran tutor or sending their children to mosques or other institutes for the education of Holy Quran. The cost is usually high, but more importantly, finding a standard tutor around home vicinity and time adjustment with them is very inconvenient. has provided the way for these Muslims, they can now learn to read Holy Quran at the ease of sitting at home in their free time. All they need to have is a computer/laptop with an internet connection, and a headset with Mic. We have set up a quality monitoring system to send and receive feedback, so that our students and their parents are being informed with the progress of their children.

There are various Tajweed rules for recitation of the Holy Quran, therefore, we recommend having a qualified teacher for your kids who possess enough knowledge and experience to teach Quran with such rules.

Our Tutors

Our faculty includes qualified Scholars from several countries, Aalims, Qaris & Hafiz-e-Quran who are religiously conversant and keen to deliver true Islamic teachings. As a result your children will be provided with excellent ethics and basic Islamic education.

The tutors have enormous experience of teaching Qur’an and they would facilitate you or your children to learn Qur'an according to Tajweed rules, by providing one-to-one lessons. The rule of Tajweed or the right way to read holy Quran can be studied on your own, but their accurate application can only be done by listening, narrating and being corrected by, a skilled instructor of the holy Qur’an.

Female tutors are also available for interested students.


  • Progress Report to Parents
  • Tutors Feed Back from parents
  • Student's Counseling
  • Set Your Own Class Timings
  • Flexibility to Change Timings
  • Teachers Minimum Graduates
  • Free for needy Students
  • Free Trial with every Plan  
  • Free software installation& technical support  


  • Interactive classes
  • Highly trained, educated and qualified tutors
  • Assessment of kids at the spot
  • Bi-lingual way of teaching
  • Free 3 days trial to evaluate service
  • No registration /admission fee
  • Cheaper and easy
  • Get individual lessons at lowest possible cost
  • Choice of timing
  • Choice of tutor

Current Courses

The Glorious Quran Reading/Nazra Course
The Glorious Quran Memorization Course
The Glorious Quran Tajweed-o-Qiraat Course

We also plan to offer following courses in near future

  • Translation and Tafseer Course
  • Arabic Language Course
  • Fehm-ul-Hadith Course
  • Tasawwuf Course
  • Fiqh Course

Student Of The Month


    Ahmed Baluch, UK 
      (March&April 2016)

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Testimonials is undoubtedly an amazing Quran tutoring program. My two boys are studying since 14 months and they are about to finish Nazra Quran. We sometimes go on long vacations to visit our h...
Mrs Taufeeq - Liverpool, U.K

My daughter finished Quran in 8 months and other daughter who is 7 is about to finish. My children are very glad while taking lessons from It's definitely not a less than any bless...
Sami Tariq - Edinburgh, U.K

I had made a lot of attempts to teach my children how to read Qur'an. Well, I failed due to hactic life here in New Jercey. I was desperate and wanted my children to learn Holy Quran. Then recently I ...
Allah Ma'ki - New Jercey, USA

I am a student at and very satisfied with them. They have made it very convenient to learn Quran now which is very interesting. God Bless You
Sohail Anwar - Chicago, USA

Living in middle of Arkansas and having no such place to learn translation of Quran, my friend in Chicago told me about and started taking lessons from them. Its simply the amzing a...
Aqsa Ali - Arkansas, USA

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